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November 19, 2013
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APH Elementary Contest Entry: Indonesia by Colors-of-Fire APH Elementary Contest Entry: Indonesia by Colors-of-Fire
This took me like, what, three months because of my severe disorganization and laziness? But anyway, here it is!!


Name: Kirana Sartika Dewi
Nicknames: Rana, Ina
Country: Indonesia
Age (in the doujin): 19
Subject: Gym, Art

Personality: Kirana is very warm and friendly, and is very polite to new people. But once you get to know her better, she is very outgoing and extroverted. She prefers to be immature at times, which makes her quite humorous, but will have no trouble being serious and focusing, especially on a task. Kirana is very skilled, but also very humble. She rarely boasts and is actually unconfident of herself. She is also very laid back, which helps her keep cool under pressure but also causes her to be incredibly lazy. She has trouble showing up on time, but is very loyal. She is the caring type but will rarely interfere in other people's business and conflicts (even when the conflict turns to a blood war). Kirana is a hard worker and has an iron will when it comes to things that are important to her. She is very independent and has a certain pride about it. But because of that, she has trouble asking for help. She isn't afraid of getting hurt and will willingly take a blow for her fellow friends. Kirana actually has trouble expressing her feelings, and is the type to bottle them up. Deep down she is lonely and fragile, but never lets anyone know that.

Likes: Food, flowers, romance novels, spending time with her friends and family, being treated as an equal, sports, animals, relaxing, and pranks.
Dislikes: Being underestimated, being dragged into other people's problems, thunder, being alone or left alone, and cold weather.


Ivan: They get along very well, and secretly shares each other's loneliness. They have a good friendship, though they weren't as close as they are now when Alfred was still in Gym. They help each other during tasks and she is probably the only few who isn't scared of him.

Natalya: She thinks that they are good friends. But Kirana often catches her glaring at her after talking to Ivan. But she never thinks of it much.

Mathias: They are rivals, often challenging one another to see who is the better skilled in tasks. But aside from that, they are good friends and their rivalry is one of the ways they bond.

Gupta: Very good friends. When not with Ivan or Linh, you can often find Kirana with Gupta. They've known each other for a long time and often work together in tasks.

Linh: Kirana sees Linh as a worthy rival and will often compete with her (though not as crazily as she does with Mathias). They are actually quite close and will often defend each other.

Sadiq: Though they are not too close, they work well together.

Valon: She finds him amusing and will often hang around him with Gupta. She will often try to make conversation with him, and sees him as a likeable person.

Zoran: She actually admires him and after Alfred left, is one of the few people she looks up to. She respects him and tries her best to stay out of his way.

Maricela: Kirana sees her as her little sister and is very protective of her. She often advices her and makes sure that she is okay on a daily basis. She will try to spend as much time as she can with her.

Kyle: They have a bromance relationship but are actually quite unstable. They can be said to have a bit of a love-hate relationship, but Kirana does honestly care for him. They will often tease and flirt with each other, but just for laughs and nothing more. Though she secretly does have a crush on him.

Alfred: Alfred was one of the Class Dwellers that Kirana admires and looks up to. Despite this, she is actually quite scared of him. But they get along well and she was sad when he left Gym. They are good friends, and still help each other out from time to time.

Netherlands: She is quite distant with him because of some conflicts that they had in the past. Even so, she actually knows a lot about him. Fortunately, they are starting to warm up to each other again. Like Alfred, Kirana is also scared of him.

Ships: I would like to see some AusIndo and maybe some NetherNesia? Cause that would be amusing.


Elementary (c) :iconmelonstyle:
Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Kirana (c) :iconcolors-of-fire:
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